keeping it simple

A boutique consulting firm for innovative solutions in media & technology

what we do

We deliver quality to our clients by leveraging existing and emerging IP and video technologies, cloud computing, and agile processes.

By applying lean practices to transform outdated workflows with innovative solutions, our rapid cycle and iterative approach provides unparalleled value: Higher yield, in less time, and at lower price tag.


who we are

High-impact technology and business experts with extensive experience in online applications, media production workflows, global deployments, and software design.

Working within an international network of highly qualified professionals in the US, Europe and Latin America, we provide detailed technical expertise coupled with business acumen. With a broad history of conceptualization, strategic planning, implementation, deployment, and product management, we achieve success and excellence in online and media initiatives for our clients.


our work

With beautifully lean architectures and agile processes, we leverage the best technologies, the best practices,
and the people that make it happen: you and us.

Media workflow automation

Content Management Systems

Digital video technologies

Product management

File transfer acceleration

IP Telephony / VOIP

RESTful API design & integrations

Encryption and authentication protocols



Media & Entertainment






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